Monday, 23 April 2012

Master Bedroom: Photo Catch Up

I know I've talked about the master bedroom off and on since November of last year. Things are finally together that I can show some pictures.

These are from before, when the previous homeowners had the house:


The West Elm bedding we got for Chirstmas from Panda's parents.

The mirrored bedside tables that I got for Valentine's Day.

The new lamps!

How do you think we did? The paint colour  and the colour of the bedding don't come off nearly as pale in person. The pictures seem to be missing the richness of the room.

Over the weekend I was really focussed on the living roon/dining room/stairs/hallway for some reason. Maybe that should be my next project? Although doing it properly would involve new flooring, new windows and a new front door. Sound doable? What kind of budget do you think I can make all of that happen with?

Hmmm, the wedding money would certainly pay for that...sigh.

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