Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Recap: Magpie Moments

During the summer I had got paint tinted to paint our bedroom. Since we use the room on a daily basis, it was really difficult to actually paint it. So, while A was away in California for essentially the month of November, I got busy.

To be honest, you can't see much of a change. The previous owners had painted the room yellow and then I went ahead and painted the room yellow. Theirs was a more vibrant hue than the one I chose, which was called Muse. So, this was the start to transforming our bedroom.

For Christmas, we received new bedding from A's parents. I thought the grey bedspread was good for both A and I. The colour being quite masculine with the pintucks adding some femininity to it. I absolutely love it.

Bedding from West Elm

Recently we've been having some challenges with our nightstands. You see we use my grandparents bedroom set in the Waterfall style from the 1940s. My grandparent's set included the frame for a double bed, a dresser with a round mirror attached and a tall dresser. We've purchased a waterfall trunk from the used furniture store to add some extra storage as well. Also at the used furniture store we came across some waterfall nightstands which had been originally part of a dressing table which someone cut the middle out of. Initially we thought they'd work well, but as time has gone on we've found them to be too narrow. They won't be a complete waste though because it looks like we can use them in the spare bedroom. So, we've been on the hunt for better nightstands.

We've found this hunt to be a bit of a challenge, to put it mildly. First, Waterfall furniture doesn't really have nighstands because of the era. So, we were going to have a difficult time finding something that matched the style because, let's face it, it isn't exactly popular. Second, ensuring that the wood colour matched or complimented the rest of the set in terms of finish and veneer, not to mention how the handles would go together. Due to these pretty substantial factors, I had been leaning towards making the nightstands accent pieces and not trying to have them blend in at all. Which brings me to my magpie moment.

I've been at Home Hardware basically every day that I'm not at work due to the bathroom renovation (a post is coming). Right now we are deciding upon whether or not to go with a shutter in the bathroom and Home Hardware is having a 35 percent off sale on them. So, I ventured over to the furniture section to get a quote on the shutter. On my way over to talk to the designer I had my magpie moment. Mirrored bedside tables! These aren't them, but they give you an idea.   
I couldn't believe it, they were the perfect size, they had 3 drawers, were in a classic style...I couldn't believe how perfect they were! I just had to convince A!

It didn't take much convincing. While I was painting, A went to check them out and actually bought them too. Apparently they are my sparkly Valentine's Day gift and I shouldn't expect this every year. They look beautiful too! Since they are mirrored they take on the colour of everything around them, so they fit in amazingly well.

Now on to the next challenge: table lamps.

From what I can see on Pinterest, anything goes when it comes to lamps and mirrored tables. The trends that I am seeing are generally crystal/glass lamps or ceramic lamps.

With those as inspiration, off I go hunting.

What is your preference? Glass? Ceramic? Something else?

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