Saturday, 25 February 2012

Clips and Spiders and Harps....Oh My

How does something so simple turn into something so complicated?

Earlier this week, while I was waiting for A to meet me after work, I was browsing in this ridiculously expensive furniture store. I adore their furniture but considering anything worth having is a couple months mortgage payments, I just admire from afar. However, the does mean that accessories are much more accessible, especially when they are on sale.

While meandering around the store I came across a pair of lamps with a brushed nickel finish. They didn't come with their lamp shades and were marked down by 50 percent as a result. As soon as I saw them I thought the finish on them would go perfectly with the new ceiling fan we had installed. So, I looked past the fact that they didn't come with lamp shades. I didn't realize how complicated this little fact would make things.

Here is where I began my lamp shade education. Did you know there are atleast 7 different ways to attach a lamp shade to a lamp? I was familiar with the ones that clipped right onto the bulb, logically called a clip fitter. I was also aware of shades that had used a nut to secure them to a wire frame, this is known as a spider fitter and that wire frame is known as a harp. That's where my knowledge ended, aside from the vocabulary because that is new too.

Since the lamp I bought required neither the clip fitter or the spider fitter. It was off to search for what it really is, which is where I came across uno fitters and washer fitters. Based on the descriptions I guessed that what I needed was a lamp shade with a uno fitter. So, off I went shopping thinking that is what I needed.

I still think that the uno guess is roughly, based on the picture above. So, I go to Bouclairs and all of their shades will fit but I wasn't positive about the size. Then, I go to Ikea and it is a even split between ones that would work for me and spider fitters. I had read that you can convert uno to spider with an adaptor, so off I go to an electrical supply store to see about an adaptor. They guy in the parts deparment had NO clue what I was talking about at all and suggested rewiring the lamp.

I went back into the store to see if they sold any other suitable shades, since I noticed that they sold lamps with the same kind of shade. Then all became clearer once I talked to a sales guy. Apparently, I had a euro fitter on my hands.

After all that commotion and searching, I get home and A likes the first lamp shade that I picked up. Go figure!

What simple task turned into an journey for you?


  1. My complicated easy task is also the lampshade issue. Bought a lamp with an uno shade base (learned that word today!) and now need a shade to fit it, look good with it, and I'm stumped! Glad to hear I'm not alone!

  2. Hah! Came across this in my search... you got it, for the perfect shade with the right fitting! I've been to about 10 stores, several of them twice. Even ordered a lampshade Online, excitedly took off the plastic wrapper (so it is no longer returnable) only to find out that it is too large. I've seen the perfect lampshade - but it has a slip Uno fitter & I need a spider (though I think a threaded Uno fitter would work, too.) Oh, what to do. I'm fairly certain that I will end up spending more for the shade than I did for the lamp...